“If a Disney princess had night terrors, the story of Sansa Stark might be what woke her up screaming. Often overlooked in favor of her killer kid sister, the elder Stark sibling has had all her illusions about the world, and her safety in it, shattered. But her quiet, innate political shrewdness and emotional strength have enabled her to survive in a royal court that likely would have cost every other member of her family their heads. She’s the show’s best-kept secret.” — Rollingstone about Sansa Stark in their list of top 40 game of thrones characters. Sansa is number 4. x  (via iadler)

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what do you want?

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if you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention

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We press for the water, press for the river, press for the pain.

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I care for no one but the offspring of your mind. Run from the one who comes to find you. Wait for the night that comes to hide.

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game of thrones + pretty colors

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