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"I think for Steve, it’s just so important for him to contribute something. He doesn’t want to be in the shadows. Bucky in this version has always looked out for him and been very overprotective. He’s had Steve in his mind in a certain way. He’d never want anything to happen to him—he’s the only family he’s ever had. […] I think for him there’s an element of, "Okay I’m going to go fight and I will survive this one mission and then I’ll come back and I’ll not go back." But the problem is that he has no choice because Steve’s going and he never lets Steve go by himself. […] Bucky’s like, "It’s you and I care about you—of course I love you." - Sebastian Stan [x]

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@zoesaldana: @KarenGillan2 and I rehearsing our extended fight scene! #gamora and #nebula r gonna kick e/o’s butts! #GOTG
You’re not perfect Fiona. None of us are.

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the odds are never in our favor

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"That wasn’t a leaf. That was page one."

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