Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

"I want to always be able to do things that I’m passionate about. I always want to be proud of my work. I always want to be a truthful person.”

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❀ about me ❀


name: leslie
birthday: february 11th
zodiac: aquarius
single or taken: single
height: 5’7”
eye color: brown
middle name: evelyn (and I have another one but let’s forget about that one)
favorite color: pink
lucky number: idk


hogwarts house: hufflepuff
favorite fictional character: amy pond, kate bishop, leslie knope, donna noble, etc
favorite television show: doctor who, game of thrones, pushing daisies, new girl, etc
favorite season: spring or autumn
describe yourself in a few words: really weird and extremely lazy
future children’s names: no
meaning of your name: apparently it means ”holly garden” wtf

ultimate otp: scarlett/rhet, ian/mickey, nick/jess, ron/hermione
what do you plan to/do for a living: take my place at the iron throne
starbucks order: chocolate frappe (you know the one that doesn’t have caffeine I think is that one)


introvert or extrovert: introvert 
dawn or dusk: dusk
righty or lefty: righty

coffee or tea: tea
rain or shine: depends
reading or writing: reading

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"c’mon, hawkeye. let’s get out of here."

"great idea, hawkeye."

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get to know me | [1/5] favorite female characters

tara knowles

"i don’t need a boy to handle my shit."

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